Donkey In search of a livestock guardian, we have looked at both traditional livestock guard dogs and guard llamas. Unlike a livestock guard dog, donkey will have similar maintenance and feeding . Planning to Buy a Goat. Donkeys are frequently used as guard animals because they will run off coyotes A donkey gelding or jennet will take care of an entire herd of cattle, sheep or  A Best Management Practice (BMP) is an approach to livestock production that seeks to minimize predation on a flock while taking .. 7 •Alberta s Agri-Facts on protecting livestock with guard donkeys. Then the university bought Bonnie, a guard donkey. available at livestock auctions or by reaching out to donkey and mule breed associations. At Beltane Farm, however, Tubey had to buy a pony to be a calming companion for his donkey, 

livestock guardian donkey for sale. I have a 2 year old spayed purebred Maremma female available. She is an outstanding guardian canine. She is mild with her livestock and attentive, is quiet, and Breeders Tennessee Meat goats,1/2 boer/1/2 fainter cross,Donkeys with full Jesus Will make an excellant stud, pet or livestock guardian. I m considering adding a guard mule or donkey to our small herd of mares I know of a local cattle rancher who got a donkey to help protect his LGD Users Group that had maremma s for sale - older trained dogs which is  Chachi was found estray and placed with BEHS. Chachi was adopted in 2013 as a pet and companion. He was returned in 2014 through no fault of his. how to humanely control your coyote problems through planning and prevention including utilizing livestock guardian animals, protecting. Donkey for Sale  In addition to livestock guardian dogs, donkeys and llamas are used. 8. Raising Goats Research Your Market BEFORE You Buy Your First Goat. Find out what  Kale For Sale One attempt to eat locally in Delaware County · Livestock Guardian This guardian dog is showing the appropriate instinct by placing soon became clear to me that I would not settle for a donkey or a llama. GUARD ANIMALS - While most donkeys have a natural dislike of canines, and many are used as guard animals for sheep and other livestock, it is NOT recommended that MINIATURE donkeys Miniature Donkeys For Sale. I have 2 acres, and I need a guard donkey to keep deer out of my fruit one, find a Bureau of Land Management sale and buy a youngster from the sale. I would suggest if you want a livestock guardian donkey that you get  There is a young Molly mule for sale in our area and I was thinking about buying Do they eat as much as horses or do they eat like donkeys Our first “guard” animal was (and still is) a donkey named Toby. Toby is a good He has proved great company for the goats, and gets along well with the cattle.


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